Para que servem os pedais do piano?

What do the pedals on a piano do? | Cunningham Piano Company, Philadelphia, King of Prussia, PA

Jonas Mello e Christopher Lee

Neste vídeo faço homenagem a duas das grandes vozes da dramaturgia. Dublagem de Christopher Lee e Jonas Mello para o urso guerreiro de “A bússola de ouro”.

In this video I make homage to two great voices of dramaturgy. Voice over of Christopher Lee and Jonas Mello to the warrior bear of “The golden compass”.

Superman – A Era de Ouro da animação

Superman – The Golden Age of Animation

Bob Ross e a alegria de pintar

Para quem ainda não conhece:

Você conhece a arte dos dioramas?

How to build an eye-catching diorama – Realistic Scenery Vol.12

Luke Towan

“A step by step guide in creating a super realistic suburban scene with a twist (HO Scale). In this tutorial I take you through the process of building a laser cut wood structure that is typically used for model railroad scenery and then I’ll demonstrate all the techniques used to create an awesome dystopian themed diorama. Nearly all of the tiny details I use not only to model the interior but also all of the exterior details were printed on the Anycubic Photon 3D printer. All of the interior details were downloaded from whereas all of the exterior details including the garage were designed using and then printed. It’s quite amazing what can be built and designed using such a simple program with basic building blocks. You’ll also see me using the Noch Gras-Master 2.0 to add the static grass, it’s quite an expensive unit but you are paying for quality and assurance. The grass applicator was sent to me for inclusion in the upcoming eBook and I decided to get a head start and try it out on this diorama.”