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Jordan Peterson – Exemplos.

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Após a grande polêmica ocasionada pelo seu último debate, acabei conhecendo brevemente o trabalho do psicólogo e professor universitário Jordan B. Peterson. Gostaria eu que houvesse esse nível de discussão e debate aqui no Brasil. Não concordo com algumas coisas que ele defende, mas respeito o profissionalismo que vi de si até agora.

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The fact that the postmodernists dare to be marxist is also something that I find, I would say, not so much intellectually reprehensible as morally repugnant. And one of the things that the postmodernists — postmodern neo-marxists — continually claim is that they have nothing but compassion for the downtrodden. I would say that anybody with more than a cursory knowledge of twentieth century’s history who dares to claim simultaneously that they have compassion for the downtrodden and that they’re marxists are revealing either an ignorance of history that’s so astounding that it’s actually a form of miracle; or a kind of malevolence that’s so reprehensible that it’s almost unspeakable.

Because we already ran the equity experiment over the course of the 20th century, and we already know what the the marxist doctrines have done for oppressed people all around the world, and the answer that mostly was imprisoned, enslave, imprison them, enslave them, work them to death or execute them, and, as far as I can, tell that’s not precisely commensurate with any message of compassion.

So I don’t think that the postmodern neo-marxists have a leg to stand on ethically or intellectually or emotionally. I think that they should be going after as hard as possible from an intellectual perspective — an informed intellectual perspective… This is fundamentally a war of ideas, and that’s the level of analysis that it should be fought upon. Not only it is a war of ideas, I think it’s one that can be won, because I think that […] especially the French intellectual postmodernists are a pack of… what would you call them… well, we could start with charlatans, that’s a good one. So, pseudo-intellectual would be good, resentful would be another.

Then I would also consider they’re highly deceptive in their intellectual strategies, because almost all of them were marxist student intellectuals, and they knew by the time the Gulag Archipelago came out — and even before — that the nightmares of the Soviet Union and Mao’s China were of such magnitude that they had completely invalidated any claim to ethical justification that the fundamental marxist doctrines had ever managed to manifest.

And so, it’s a no-go zone, as far as I’m concerned. Intellectually the game’s over: we’ve already figured out that there are finite constraints on interpretation, and we also understand why those exist, how they evolved, and, from the perspective of political argumentation, there’s absolutely no excuse whatsoever in the 21st century to put forth marxist doctrines as if they’re the bomb that’s needed by the  compassionate, and by the bomb that’s administered by the compassionate to the downtrodden.

Sorry: tried, that didn’t work. We’ve got a hundred million corpses to prove it and that’s plenty for me, and if it’s not enough for you, well, then you should do some serious thinking either about your historical knowledge, or about your moral character. So that’s the first thing.

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